How do I schedule a consultation / what does it entail (ah, pardon the pun)?

To schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation, call 414.405.0553 or email  sullivan@K9-5milwaukee.com. We will set up a time to come to your home, discuss your needs, and meet your companion(s)! We will set up your weekly schedule and answer any questions you have.

Will I have one consistent walker?

Yes! Whenever possible we set up each of our clients with their own personal walker. We do this so that your pet is able to form a relationship with their walker and feels comfortable during their visits. While we do try our best to have a consistent walker for your home, in the event that your walker will not be available to make your visit, we find a replacement walker or talk about other solutions.

How do you get in my home?

When you are not home, we will need either a copy set of keys or a code for entry. We take this part of the job very seriously. We never label your keys with your address or name and will return them immediately at your request.

How does billing work?

We bill weekly through a service called Quickbooks. You’ll receive your invoice by email and payment is due upon receipt. We accept payment via Venmo, PayPal, or by check.

Is every walker insured and bonded?

Yes! We have general liability insurance and are bonded through Pet Sitters Associates. This covers your home and pet while in our care.

Why should I trust my walker?

We understand it takes a lot of trust to let someone in your home and in the care of your precious pets. All of our walkers have gone through an extensive interview process including a background check and multiple references. Upon your request, we are open to connecting you with others that have worked with us.

How do I know you actually came?

We will provide a notebook for every home and leave a detailed note at the end of each visit. If you would like a text at the end of each visit, we can do that too! In addition to our communication, ask your neighbors!

How do I add, remove, or change a visit?

You can call 414-405-0553 or email sullivan@k9-5milwaukee.com. We ask you contact us within 48 hours to notify us of any changes. Late cancellation will result in a charge of half of the visit price. We do this because we often turn away business based on our existing visits.